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Mjølnir was Thor 's powerful Asgardian enchanted war- hammer. Mjølnir was forged in the heart of a dying star and was stored in Odin´s Vault in Asgard

Each knife is unique - Toferner knives are hand-forged with a solid blade that cannot be bent. Everything is the honest work of a blacksmith, a hammer, and an anvil.

Perfect sharpness - the stainless steel knife is perfectly sharp to serve as it should. Thanks to the high-quality craft, the blade stays sharp for a long time.

Focused on details - every detail, decoration, handle wrapped in genuine leather makes the knife more interesting. It's not just a basic sharp knife; it's a work of art.

Leather case - the knife is supplied with a perfectly fitting case made of high-quality leather so that the blade does not cause any damage during transport. The cases are made and decorated by hand.

Two-year warranty - Toferner offers the best quality and also the best customer service! You get a two-year warranty on each product.

The perfect gift - are you trying to come up with the perfect gift? Give this knife, and you will be thanked a hundred times.

Buy now and treat yourself or your friends to an unforgettable moment of happiness.



overall length - 21,6 cm / 8.50 inches

blade length - 9,5 cm / 3.75 inches

blade width - 3,4 cm / 1.34 inches


Weight: 227 g / 0.5 lb

Material: 14260 spring steel

Includes leather case


IMPORTANT: Everything is hand forged. There may be a small difference between the dimensions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jacques Ardoin
Favorite knife

I’ve been getting into knifes recently and received this as an early Christmas present and I have to say this definitely one of, if not, the best quality feeling knifes I’ve held. Totally solid and came in sharpened beautifully. 100% would recommend this to anyone who likes knifes.

Joseph Pettigrew
Have not used as yet,

X Mass Prez Cheers Joseph

Michael Greenhill
Highly recommended.

Quality craftsmanship, which is evident upon both holding and examining the knife for the first time. Thank you.

Mark Tyrell
Best Knife Ever

I Love this knife I carry it with me daily! It is compact, well made and always comes in handy. The sheath is made of thick leather and is very durable. I just ordered 2 more knife’s. The wolf’s claw and the mini flamingo knife. Looking forward to having more solid knifes for my collection. I definitely recommend these knifes. Thank you Toferner!

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