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Let us briefly introduce Creolan s.r.o., which produces original, period blacksmith's work under the brand Toferner and follows the tradition of the old blacksmith masters. Although the company has only recently been established in 2010, it already boasts many supporters and satisfied clients throughout Europe and overseas.

Our clientele includes members of the general public, collectors, history buffs, and members of various swordsmithing groups. This is all thanks to our blacksmiths and craftsmen' high expertise, professionalism, and experience.

In addition to blacksmithing, we are also engaged in the handmade production of useful and artistic leather products with hand-woven or engraved motifs and patterns. 

What can we do?

Our main specialisation is in historical cold weapons - the demanding nature of their production confirms the high level of our workers’ professionalism. During production of cold weapons we mainly use hand forged blades, each one of which we harden and temper individually, which marks them out as being of the very highest quality. This makes each of our products a unique original. 

How are the products manufactured?

The blade is forged, ground, hardened, tempered, straightened, and cleaned in the first production stage. The saxes, which are very popular with our customers, their blades are then prepared for fitting the metal guard and pommel. After the end rails are welded to the handle, they are wrapped in leather, and a sheath is hand-sewn to each knife.

The production of cold weapons is physically and time-consuming. But the result is high-quality, original products that are worth the effort.



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