Our Story

The company Toferner was founded in 2011, when only 2 blacksmiths and 1 saddler worked for us. Due to high demand and the time-consuming nature of hand crafting, our team steadily grew until it reached its current number of 10 workers.

What can we do?

Our main specialisation is in historical cold weapons, primarily swords and daggers - the demanding nature of their production confirms the high level of our workers’ professionalism. During production of cold weapons we mainly use hand forged blades, each one of which we harden and temper individually, which marks them out as being of the very highest quality. This makes each of our products a unique original. 


How are the products manufactured?

In the first production phase the blade is forged, ground, hardened, tempered, straightened and cleaned. The blade is then prepared for fitting of a metal crossguard and pommel. After the end strips are welded onto the grip, it is wrapped in leather, and the scabbard (if one is required) is sewn by hand.The hand crafting of cold weapons is physically demanding and time consuming. But it results in high-quality, original products, which for us definitely makes all that effort worthwhile.



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